About Us

We are not a HOTEL or RESORT. We care about your mental health. We provide you an environment to relax your mind.

Our STAY is located at Kurunagala .
It located center of true nature, with surround trees and natural stones. Each and every room has clear vicinity of the glamorama lake. As it located higher elevation you always enjoy unpolluted natural air.
In many philosophies we believe the world is made out of four elements. Water (apo) heat(thejo) air(wayo) earth(pathawi). When you are in kakulanda . You are center of the true natural. you will find all four elements in its natural form.
Your mind. Your soul is beyond four elements. You can experience the true nature at Kakulanda .

We are not a HOTEL or RESORT. We care about your mental health. Will provide you environment to relax your mind.
We only have four rooms in six Acres of land. All six acres cover with vegetation and trees. All four rooms have sceneries to relax your mind. We name all four room Water (apo) heat(thejo) air(wayo) earth(pathawi) with its true nature.
True Nature will relax your mind.
It will help you to identify your true self
We provide natural environment to communicate with your true love, family members. This is best place to talk all the things you miss for years.
Kakulanda is natural gathering place which provide true silence to listen each other.
You can sit one place and review your life, review your relationship. that is the best activity we providing for you.







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